Baby registry not updating

If you created your registry more than a day ago, here are a few ways to troubleshoot: .How do I share my registry profile with family and friends?I did go in and update, I think, the registry myself to hopefully prevent more high chairs, bouncy seats, etc. This one-hour training course is available as a trial course to new users with CCEI account creation in January 2017.If you have a partner and their name is missing from your registry profile, make sure they are listed with your retailer as the Co-Registrant.

Has anybody else had any problems with their Babies R Us registry not updating?:/ Just wanted to share in case anybody else was having similar issues. I had been bad and sort of checking my registry off and on to see what if anything had been bought and according to online nothing, even today.Visit our stores anytime to create a new registry or update an existing one.While no appointment is necessary, you're sure to get one-on-one assistance when you schedule a personal shop.I now have to return all these things, which isn't a huge deal, but by the third bouncy chair I could tell some of the guests, although it became kind of a joke, were starting to feel bad, which made me feel bad, because it's not there fault.I just don't understand what happened and I have another shower in 2 weeks and I'm very afraid of what will take place a that one. I was wondering why not so many things have been purchased off my registry, and this is probably why.I'm now sitting here wondering what other things were never checked off the list.So, if you're checking your registry and wondering why nothing is purchased, don't worry.Stuff was probably purchased and never taken off your registry.

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