Dating and chemicals in the brain

Now, a new study from the University of Michigan adds a new twist to dopamine's fun-loving reputation: pain.Using sophisticated brain-scanning and a carefully controlled way of inducing muscle pain, the researchers show that the brain's dopamine system is highly active while someone experiences pain -- and that this response varies between individuals in a way that relates directly to how the pain makes them feel.The chemicals themselves cannot determine their effect, which is controlled by the receptor they go to.Normally, neurotransmitter molecules are enclosed in vesicles, and a synaptic depolarization results in the opening of calcium ion channels, which releases them. When these transmitters are released through exocytosis, they disseminate across the synaptic divide and stick to receptors.

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The finding, published in the October 18 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, may help explain why people are more likely to acquire a drug addiction during times of intense stress in their lives.

Dopamine is one of the most fundamental neurotransmitters we have. The expectation of dopamine drives our mind to control our body to do things.

We think you wanted a coffee to perk yourself up, but in fact it was a dopamine cycle that kicked in to make your body get up and find a coffee to sate the dopamine expectation. Serotonin is serenity, ecstasy and the state of grace. Oxytocin is the bonding agent, the cuddle chemical.

The various chemicals that are produced in your brain help in reliving all major stress that a person goes through.

Cranial Chemicals and Their Applications Almost all these chemicals are also known as neurotransmitters, which means they help in passing and modulating signals between neurons and other cells.

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