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Staying true to my type, as a young woman I only dated men who fit this mold.

But when my ex-husband, a dead ringer for Superman, departed into the arms of another woman and left me with two babies, I realized maybe my idea of the perfect guy was limiting my ability to meet a good man. When I first met my husband, he was far cry from my usual dating type: on the smaller side, fair haired, slim and boisterous.

We will plan something romantic, something fun, something relaxing and something yum.

The first of its kind in this beautiful country we call home, South Africa. We bring you exciting, new and fresh date night ideas.

In addition to her private mentoring sessions with clients from all over the world, Aleeza is a passionate speaker and the host of a weekly show.

To learn more about her unique style of matchmaking, which focuses on empowerment and developing successful support networks, visit

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When couples often spend time together they are more likely to grow closer to each other rather than apart, no matter the size of the storms their relationship is facing.Aleeza is committed to creating marriages that endure the test of time, starting with her own: she is a dedicated wife and loving mother of five children.Here's where you can meet singles in Box Elder, South Dakota.Date Night Box brings the solution to your door – literally!We plan date night from start to finish and send it your way, all you need to do is book the day that suits you perfectly and enjoy.He looked more like a skateboarder than a linebacker, and he was in ministry to boot, so exotic vacations were probably limited to missionary trips.Fortunately, I was at a point in my life where my heart was open, although I had the audacity to say to him on our first date, “I usually only date rich jerks, but it’s not working out for me.It’s not that Tim wasn’t attractive to me (he very much was), but he was attractive in ways I had never placed much value in until God worked on my heart. Not sure what to do, where to go or where to start? Couples today are busier than ever which makes it difficult to plan a quality date that they can enjoy together.No matter your changing mood or budget, there is a date idea to fit! Included in this kit is everything you will need to prepare these amazing boxes — from decorating the outside of the box, to the inside of the box, and creative ideas for everything in between.We did it all with the help of our fabulous designer Leah of January May! Decorate your Open When Date Boxes with printable Box Decorations!

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