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The new colonists named the settlement after Bern, the capital of Switzerland and hometown of their leader Christoph von Graffenried.

The English connection with Switzerland had been established by some Marian exiles who sought refuge in Protestant parts of Switzerland.

There were also marriages between the Royal House of Stuart and notable people in the history of Calvinism.

The colonists later discovered they had started their settlement on the site of a former Tuscarora village named Chattoka.

Whimsical bears ("Bern" derives from the German "bear") pop up in signs and on street corners, bearing tidbits of New Bern history.

It is the county seat of Craven County and the principal city of the New Bern Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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It lies 112 miles (180 km) east of Raleigh, 87 miles (140 km) northeast of Wilmington, and 162 miles (261 km) south of Norfolk. New Bern was settled in 1710 by Swiss and Palatine German immigrants.

"We love the combination of small-town charm with plenty of conveniences, including being only 20 minutes from the beach," says New Bern resident Sonja Babic, a European transplant who moved here 14 years ago.

The Old World flavor of historic New Bern is part of what makes Babic feel right at home.

He helped launch the career of Jean Harlow, whom he married in July 1932; two months later, he was found dead of a gunshot wound, leaving what appeared to be a suicide note.

Various alternative theories of his death have been proposed.

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