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Any recommendations on what to use to clean the inside and outer shell?

Thanks I would take it apart and soak the parts in hot water and dishwashing liquid,that should get rid of the dirt and a good bit of the rust,any remaining rust can be dealt with,some use coca cola and tin foil then buff,then apply wax, I use turtles wax in the green bottle. However, some or all of the lugs have been replaced with earlier Fullerton period spring lugs.

Incidentally, I have heard the 5 ply Rogers (1976) and Xp8 (1978) I thought they sounded good without "rims." The ones I almost got, minus the Dyna, for the same price. HOOKED ON VINTAGE ROGERS 12 tom times 3 13 tom times 3 16 floor tom times 3 22 BD times 2 24 BD 1 Dyna-sonic snare 1976 Dyna-sonic snare 1969 24 x 12 Djembe 21" K Hybrid custom ride 21" Avedis ride 18" A Custom Zildjian fast crash 17" A Custom Zildjian med crash 15" A Custom Zildjian Reso hats 10" A Custom fast splash 18" A Custom China LP Cowbell baby..always more cowbell Member of "PHROGGES AQUARIAN ARMY" The Zildjian League Drum Chat's Record for Most Users Online BE COUNTED! I'll post pictures tomorrow (I promise) when I wake up.

However, the manufacturer was most closely associated with the "big band" and swing drummers of the 1940s and 1950s.

The Rogers company was started in 1849 by an Irish immigrant from Dublin named Joseph Rogers.

The 404 entered Ludwig’s stable of Snares in 1963 and is shown below in the first Catalog it appeared in, the "New for '63" supplement to Catalog No.62.

This first production version is commonly reffered to as a "protoype" but considering it was a Student Snare and offered in a Snare Kit the possibility exists that there are quite a few of these 404's with the "orange peel" anodized finish still kicking around.

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