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You may choose a Matchmaker who has been in business since 1992 with all the extensive experience that the professional Matchmaker has, or you can choose to do business with companies who have changed their name consistently and popped up overnight.Some of the leading experts in compatibility science and online testing were tasked with realizing Markus’ vision of developing the coolest assessment of its kind – an assessment that could determine in great detail a person’s overt and hidden needs in a relationship. Markus also wanted the assessment reports to provide users with highly specific guidance for putting the results in practice.Therefore, each user receives customized “Action Plans” that outline specific questions and topics for the user to ask or explore with potential partners.Pros: Access to more people and more types of people.The most obvious benefit of these websites is that they provide easy access to thousands of potential dates.When in doubt, consider how those who know you best would rate or describe you.The Relationship Needs Assessment is an original and innovative assessment commissioned by Markus Frind of Plentyof Fish.While creating your profile, you will be asked to list or check off the type of person you are i.e. The problem with this generic way of capturing someone’s profile is that it doesn’t do justice to the person, that is doesn’t capture the essence of you. For you it may mean, you like to reason every problem or situation out, but to your potential match, it may mean you are introverted and don’t enjoy discussing your concerns.These are two very different assessments which only a third party, such as a matchmaker can bridge.In a recent comprehensive analysis, Northwestern University psychologist Eli Finkel and collaborators claim that online dating sites not only don’t improve, but may even hurt those seeking happiness in their relationships.It was natural enough that online dating services would develop and evolve over the past two decades.

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  1. I personally have never dated a man whose wife died, but I know plenty of women who have. Widowers feel guilty that they are still able to enjoy happiness, while the person they lost can’t.