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JPG”, Google finds similar pictures that other people took of that same entrance based solely on the way my picture looks: In the same way, anyone can hop on any free-to-access dating website (yes, this applies to Plenty of Fish, OKCupid,, and more, all of which are free to access) and find out not just what you want them to see, but also what you might not: your name, FB pictures, DOB, hometown, address, tweets, and anything else that’s out there on the internet.

Here’s an example of a random profile from a dating website (OKCupid), and the search I performed using that profile picture.

Here’s me, for example, using Google Images to do a reverse image search using a picture I took at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco.

I saw how she would mislead them and the harm she was causing herself.

Actually, don’t use any pictures that you want associated with the “anonymous” you that are associated in any way — elsewhere on the internet — with the “public” you.

Don’t use your dating photos on Twitter, don’t host them on Linked In, and don’t post them on your home-grown blog.

So I gathered evidence of what she was up to and showed them. People have a lot of problems in India’s big cities.

They were so thankful to me and told me I could be a spy. In 30 years I've uncovered many secrets, anything from a murder mystery to the affairs of celebrities or drug addicted kids in affluent families.

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