Dating someone with spina bifida

Related:  Woman Responds to Stranger Who Asked If She Forgot her Wheelchair" data-reactid="22"Emily and fiance George (Photo: Emily Steward)Lesson #1: You will only be happy with someone when you are happy with yourself.I began my online dating adventure with Plenty of Fish and Tinder and I must admit, it was an eye opener!

Thus, it is correct to conclude that SB has a great impact on a person’s behavioural outcomes [4].In patients with SB who develop hydrocephalus intra-cranial pressure (ICP) may be raised.The raised ICP may further affect the cognitive disabilities.In a world where judgments on a person’s worth seem to be made within the first 30 seconds, having a pair of crutches, a walk similar to Pingu and often a wheelchair in tow can mean that the odds often feel stacked against you right from the offset.That being said, in early 2014 I decided that if I can’t beat technology, I might as well join it.The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be a time of growth and success, as well as difficulty.For people with spina bifida, it is especially important to begin planning for transitions in childhood so they are able to lead independent lives as adults.The topic of love and relationships can be a delicate subject for anyone.But for someone with a disability, it can be particularly fraught and is often laden with many deep and dark “what ifs.”Meeting the right someone is challenging in a day and age where people are so heavily consumed by their jobs and attached to social media that they forget to go out and enjoy themselves and the company of others in an environment free from the intrusion of technology.I was feeling settled and happy in my own skin, and I decided that it was time to take my first foray into the world of online dating.This is where our story picks up, and I will go on to share a few of the lessons I learned throughout this process while sharing a few of the funnier and more shocking experiences.

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