Dating southampton

Living and working in Southampton brings the opportunity for you to find friendship, a casual fling or discover your soul mate when you reserve a place on an exciting speed dating event.

Paying a small fee means you can have a wonderful evening which is organised by Ditch or Date personnel who make sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

Are you seeking your Mr or Ms Perfect in Southampton or Hampshire? We have been providing high quality Speed Dating events around the UK now for more than a decade, with over 5,700 successful events under our belts, which in turn have led to more than half a million dates and many very happy couples around the country.

And Southampton has been a very good location for us over the years, with thousands of successes in it’s own right.

For a more budget friendly option you could choose a guided audio tour including tasting samples starting at £4.50 per person.

When you try speed dating in Southampton, you are bound to enjoy yourself, and you may well find that special someone.

It’s possible to meet the person of your dreams within four or five minutes of speaking to them.

This is what Ditch or Date thinks is sufficient time for single people to know if the person sitting opposite them during a speed dating event is the right one.

That vital chemistry is there for you or it’s not – there is rarely anything in between and certainly by the end of 5 minutes you will be in absolutely no doubt as to whether that person has the potential to be a future partner.

Please take a look at what is coming up: 1) Social Events: CLICK HERE 2) Leisure: CLICK HERE 3) Adventure: CLICK HERE 4) Weekend Breaks: CLICK HERE 5) Holidays: CLICK HERE But we're not a singles group - we're much more fun!

And we don’t put the emphasis on dating - we encourage people to relax, try something new and have a phenomenal time! You may be single, widowed or divorced - the bottom line is that you're looking to meet other like-minded people to share a vast range of experiences with.

We’ve picked out our top 8 date ideas so you don’t have to. This authentic and lively Caribbean restaurant will be sure to get sparks flying!

The 2-4-1 cocktails are the best way to wash down the deliciously spiced food.

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