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But that underlying “study” was actually merely a brief local news report by Albuquerque station KOAT that consisted of a newsperson and a Quest Diagnostics lab in Albuquerque taking swabs from the beards of a small handful of volunteers, analyzing them for microbes, finding a few seemingly yucky results, and discussing the outcome with a single microbiologist — from whom a few very short, sensational-sounding, out-of-context sound bites were excerpted.

This tenuous “study” was soon the subject of a multiplicity of sensationalized headlines comparing men’s beards to everything fecal: o Cosmopolitan: “New study finds beards are toilet-level dirty” o New York Post: “Bearded men have poop on their faces” o Canada Journal: “Your filthy beard contains more s— than a toilet, study shows” o Daily Mirror: “Some beards contain more poo than a toilet shocking study reveals” o au: “Shock new research reveals some beards contain more poo than a toilet” o WSB-TV: “Beards are filled with bacteria and ‘as dirty as toilets’” However, as the Guardian observed, KOAT’s process fell far short of what constitutes a rigorous study and didn’t actually detect the presence of fecal material in men’s beards: As far as I can tell there was no proper study, no team of microbiologists and no poo in beards.

In recent years, wastewater has become something of a commodity, with nuclear plants paying for treated wastewater to run their facilities, cities relying on so-called “toilet to tap” technology, and breweries turning wastewater into biogas that can be used to power their facilities.The origin of the story appears to be this segment from a TV news network in New Mexico, which involved a reporter swabbing a “handful” of men’s beards and then sending the swabs to a microbiologist in a lab to culture any microbes present.The reporter then interviewed the microbiologist, John Golobic, who identified a few of the bacteria present as “enterics”, that is they are bacteria that normally live in the intestines.Soon enough, wastewater-powered batteries may even keep the lights on in your house or, at the very least, in the industrial plants that clean the wastewater.Environmental engineer Bruce Logan is developing microbial fuel cells that rely on wastewater bacteria’s desire to munch on organic waste.” The intrigue of the claim at a time when beards were certainly somewhat in fashion led to little scrutiny of its base facts… For example, here is one of the earliest iterations of this claim, which came from a site devoted to casting calls (not a medical journal or other scientifically credible site) and was loaded with scary phrases about fecal contamination: However, a new study has shown that beards are basically filled with more bacteria than the inside of a toilet.According to KOAT Albuquerque, several anonymous men allowed a microbiologist to swab their beards for bacterial testing.You couldn't possibly stop your important conversation to pee separately, that would be madness.Also by drunk logic it always seems like sharing a toilet will save time, when in fact it will probably do exactly the opposite.On , a rumor began to circulate online claiming a “study” assessed the beards of average men and made a shocking discovery: they’re basically dripping with fecal matter (known colloquially as “poop”).The headlines followed, ones such as “Study: Men’s Beards are Filled with Poop and Nasty Bacteria,” “Your beard is dirty as a toilet,” and “How Filthy Is Your Beard?

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