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As Mayor, I will work for the whole of Cambridgeshire and will ensure that funding for infrastructure, jobs and housing is allocated fairly across the County.I will ensure that the people of Cambridgeshire know who I am and the areas of policy and delivery that I can influence, and will encourage all electors to approach me with ideas and feedback.

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Darren Goldspink (born 12 September 1964) is a veteran Australian rules football umpire in the Australian Football League.After a romance with Lawson singer Ryan Fletcher, the 26-year-old got engaged this year to Stevenage footballer Fraser Franks.Jay Perry: The singer has taken to the theatre since his . There is also his Twitter account, on which he enjoys sharing topless selfies, just FYI.He has an amazing surname, and got most of the male solos in the group.*swoon* Sadly, he is now off the market after marrying Melissa Caballero earlier this year, and lives in Los Angeles. Dannii eliminated Stacey before the finals in favour of Stacey Solomon, Lucie Jones and Rachel Adedeji.If you have more hunting to do, try a new search or browse the convict records.Kim Goldspink, 23, was riding with her boyfriend Stuart Higgins, on Holkham Beach, when her eight-year-old horse Erica threw her from the saddle.Erica galloped off towards Brancaster Beach, and swam to Scolt Head Island, where she became became increasingly agitated. But the lifeboat was not called until the horse entered the water, at around 8pm.By the time it arrived on the scene, she had swam out to sea and had drowned.I am in favour of the motor car as the pre-eminent means of transport in our largely rural County and will resist attempts to demonise the motor car and motorists.The recent news about a clampdown on diesel cars shows that the only aim of Governments in hijacking the environmental agenda is to raise revenue, not look after the nation’s health.

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