Itemupdating object

You use collection events to monitor changes to a collection to update the display.

For example, if a custom control uses a collection as its data provider, and you want the control to be updated dynamically and to display the revised data each time the collection changes, the control can monitor the collection events and update accordingly.

This method takes the item that was modified, the property in the item that was updated, and its old and new values as parameters.

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This application uses Collections include the item Updated() method, which notifies a collection that the underlying data has changed and ensures that the collection’s data view is up to date when items in the underlying data object do not implement the IEvent Dispatcher interface.Adobe Flash and Flex Objects and other basic data types do not implement this interface.Therefore you must use the method if you must use an Array, rather than a collection, as an MX control’s data provider.Then the component wraps the Array in a collection wrapper.The wrapper must be manually notified of any changes made to the underlying Array data object, and you can use the metadata tag above a class definition, or above a variable declaration within the class, ensures that the class implements the IEvent Dispatcher interface, and causes the class to dispatch property Change events.The event receiver was nicely attached and got busy when I uploaded a document. I was trying to change permissions on an item and this was the part of my code that was creating the problems: Inside my SPRemote Event Type.Item Updated I did an Update and making it trigger itself. If you’re dealing with a event receiver with access to server side code, this is not a problem.Changes made directly to the underlying Vector (e.g., calling property of the event object for an event that is dispatched when a collection has changed.The properties of the event object have the following;dr: If you have trouble with stopping the updated-event from firing, compare what you want to change in the before Properties and after Properties.If they are different, you should go ahead with your update, otherwise not.

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