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"I had a job organised down here before I came, so I was feeling pretty good about myself and decided that I wanted someone to explore Victoria with," said Ms Marshall.She signed up for online dating site Plenty of Fish, and shortly after was contacted by a man named Eamon, who claimed to be an English civil engineer living in the USA.Kross is also taking on the role of president, responsible for day-to-day operations, and she’s going to be the public face of the site, which has more than three million members and is growing by around 3,000 new members a day, according to the company.Arrangement Finders is similarly controversial because it caters to women looking for older, rich “sugar daddies.” has a great feature on the thorny world of sugar dating.

I didn't go into this thinking I'd get to meet all these hot women or I'd somehow get free sex out of the deal, I'm a spoken for lady and straying isn't in my DNA.

"I was a bit surprised [by] somebody contacting me from so far away, when I was clearly saying I wanted somebody to explore Melbourne with, but we continued to communicate," she said.

Over the next month Eamon expressed a keen interest in Ms Marshall, and soon began professing his love for her."They bomb you with love," she said.

She started exotic dancing to make money to buy herself a pony and in 2006 when she was a senior at California State University Sacramento, she signed an exclusive performing contract with Vivid Video.

After doing some videos with Vivid including Kayden's First Time, Hard Time, and Be Here Now she became a free agent and eventually signed with Adam & Eve.

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