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There is a vinyl pouch attached, and this is where the fake pee goes.

You’re given a syringe to make the transfer of the pee an easy process. They contain an adhesive strip that attaches to the side of the pouch area.

It also eliminated all discrimination protections statewide for LGBT individuals, among other provisions.

There’s been lots of media attention focused on North Carolina as a result of the passage of HB2, especially with the slew of concert cancellations starting with Bruce Springsteen and the decisions by Pay Pal and Deutsche Bank to halt their expansion plans here.

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Squeezing the penis will release the valve and release the urine.

That’s an important feature because the older Whizzinator devices had a manual switch that needed to be flicked in order to release the pee. In short, your decision to use the Whizzinator shouldn’t rest in whether, “it works or not.” The only thing that must happen in order to say it works is that urine must flow through the penis. But, as discussed above, the real question is whether the synthetic urine will work.

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