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Alphacam is leading CAM software for milling from 2-Axis through to 5-Axis programming.

This compressed, tight-grained native lumber is durable, long-lasting, and strong.Low profile Redi-Rail® has a miniscule 19mm profile and thrives in tight spaces where other linear guides cannot fit!Composed of a lightweight aluminum anodized rail with hardened steel races for strength, Low-Profile Redi-Rail can handle relatively heavy loads up to 110 lbs.NOTE: List prices will be quoted unless you provide your company name, and customer number.trailers deliver consistent performance today - and for years to come.Hevi-Rail® Profile Rails are PBC Linear’s heavy-duty linear guide solution in high load applications.Composed of high quality steel, the profile rails can be machined in U or I channel designs to meet your application.Bob CAD has always made our CAD functions quick and easy to use, but how do you make a two click operation quicker or easier?We accomplished this by offering the option to fillet an entire chain, or multiple chains, of entities at once with the Fillet Chain(s) feature.We build our software based on customer requests, and this release is no different.Bob CAD-CAM V29 brings functions that provide speed, intelligence, and much needed organization to the, easy to use flow that our customers know and love.

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