Physical attraction and dating

He is over the age of 30, and would truly like to be married. He is smart, charming, incredibly kind, and one of the most spiritual people I know. He’s physically fit, has a bright smile, and has retained most of his hair.

I’ve been looking around for the perfect girl for him. He gave me a very noble list of personality attributes.Q: I’ve been dating this wonderful girl for about two months now.She has everything that I’m looking for, including my core values. What I don’t understand is, why don’t I get that “feeling” that I get just from looking at other girls whom I’ve never met before?Many of us have built up a picture of the sort of person that they find attractive and once you have an image in your head of the type of physical appearance that you are attracted to, it can be difficult to consider anyone that doesn’t possess the traits that you would normally find attractive.This is a shame because it narrows your options and means that you could be missing out on meeting your ideal partner.Be open minded To truly get to know someone, you have to look beyond the physical appearance and start to get to know the one thing that ultimately, truly matters; their personality and how they make you feel.By being open minded about the wonderful people that you could meet, you may find that you end up being attracted to someone that has a wonderful personality with similar likes to yourself.His lack of emphasis on physical attraction is why he has dated dozens and dozens of really great women that he just can’t seem to get excited about.They all possess wonderful personalities and charms, but he just can’t seem to fall in love with any of them. If you are dating, or are considering going on a date, you should ask yourself if physical attraction is the number one priority.It is a common subject that is often discussed amongst friends, however, once you get to know a person, it is very possible that you could start to fall for their personality, as opposed to falling for them simply because they are attractive.

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