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A new study out this week from researchers at Yale and Stanford asks whether we prefer to date people with similar political views.Researchers have known for a long time that people tend to be married to someone with similar political views much more often than would happen by chance.“No matter how hot, cool, or smart a guy is, I’d end a date if I found out he supported The Donald,” says my friend Allie, a single 28-year-old start-up marketer in New York.“I hate getting into fights with people about politics!This is well established for lots of other social factors (race, religion, education level, etc.).But it could be that people simply tend to live in areas where there is a dominant political view and thus they end up dating people with that view.

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I'll admit, avoiding the danger zone of first date topics is always hard for me, more so after my second cocktail, but in the past year, it's felt as if those were the things to talk about. Dating is hard in general, but dating during an election year can feel impossible, especially if you're particularly outspoken about issues that directly affect your way of life. Things you couldn't possibly argue from the other side even if you were back in high school and had to play devil's advocate for debate class or something. It's better to find out early on if your fundamental views butt heads, that way you can shift your focus.

D., author of is triggered by the current political climate, which has exposed an underbelly of misogyny, racism, and other issues in America.

But when couples disagree, it’s not really about who you’re voting for—it’s about the values that candidate represents.” Jack, a single 29-year-old New York–based software engineer and die-hard Bernie supporter, says he uses politics to gauge long-term romantic compatibility.

#You Can Put ARing On It But Marriage Is APatriarchal Construct And ILove That You Get That. While I'll acknowledge my place firmly within the oft-referenced "liberal bubble" of Manhattan and Williamsburg, there are (shocker!

) still plenty of funny, sweet, and handsome men within this bubble who shift uncomfortably when I declare, proudly, that I'm a feminist. " I follow up with a try-laugh in an attempt to make them feel better.

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