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"Sudan" ist einfach ein Prachtexemplar: Groß, gut gebaut und gesellig. Jetzt wollen Tierschützer dem letzten männlichen Nashorn seiner Art zum Überleben verhelfen. "Männlich, 43, 1,83 Meter groß, 2268 Kilo schwer, Kumpeltyp, schlemmt gern und steht auf Schlammspiele" - so oder so ähnlich könnte eine Kontaktanzeige für "Sudan" lauten.Auf ein Feedback weiblicher Artgenossen sollte das Nördliche Breitmaulnashorn aber nicht hoffen.Die gesammelten Gelder sollen dann an Einrichtungen gehen, die die Möglichkeit künstlicher Befruchtung bei Nashörnern erforschen. "Wir können 'Sudan' hoffentlich so lange am Leben halten wie möglich", sagte Richard Vigne vom Ol-Pejeta-Reservat dem Sender BBC.Bentiu - One woman was abducted by soldiers and taken to a military camp, tied up and raped repeatedly for two months.Another was kidnapped with her 15-year-old sister and raped every night for five nights.A third was taken to a forest with her 12-year old daughter where both were raped.

Victoria State Government provides funding as a strategic partner of The Conversation AU.Samaale, the oldest common ancestor of several Somali clans, is generally regarded as the source of the ethnonym Somali.The name "Somali" is, in turn, held to be derived from the words soo and maal, which together mean "go and milk" — a reference to the ubiquitous pastoralism of the Somali people.Zeid said tensions in Juba remained "very high" and violations continued to take place throughout the East African country.Sue Malta does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond the academic appointment above.But the plight of perhaps thousands of South Sudanese women and girls from just a single state, abducted and subjected to repeated, brutal rape and slave-like working conditions has remained hidden until now.Dozens of interviews conducted by AFP in the northern Unity State reveal a systematic pattern of abduction and rape perpetrated by government soldiers and their allied militia during a recent offensive.The 30-year old mother was seized when soldiers attacked her village in Rubkona County in April. Fighting and flooding limits access to large parts of South Sudan, leading aid workers to refer to southern Unity State as "an information black-hole".Berlin - The United Nations human rights chief said on Thursday that officials had documented 217 cases of sexual violence in South Sudan's capital during last month's outbreak of fighting, most of them committed by government security forces.Zeid said the 217 documented cases of sexual violence occurred between July 8 and July 25.He also said some civilians were killed by government forces "who appear to have specifically targeted people of Nuer origin."The UN has documented the deaths of at least 73 civilians so far, but that toll "may in fact turn out to be much higher," the human rights chief said.

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